Our vision: To be a specialized company that is renowned for its leadership in the logistics sector throughout the country, its superior service quality understanding, its reputation and success, its differences that it creates, breaking out of the standard molds and having its own standards applied to the sector, and contributing to the business world and the country’s economy.


Our mission: To establish the corporate infrastructure within the framework of our targeted vision, to achieve the goals by ensuring that all management units fulfill their duties and responsibilities simultaneously.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, without forgetting that we are in a service sector, accelerating our work in this direction, acting with this awareness, and keeping our own motivation constantly high while continuing these activities.

In order for our company to be a business that is beneficial to its country, nation and sector, and able to provide a good standard of living for its employees, every employee must know that their company is a school and that they are a student, and that they must constantly be equipped with new knowledge and teachings. They must work with this awareness and be able to call themselves “my company.”


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Metronak; C2 ve G2 belgelerine sahiptir. Ayrıca MTSO, AKİB, MDTO, FIATA ve UND üyesidir.